Our Team

Creative Minds

Ms. Nivedha Priyadarshini

Branding and Marketing Consultant

A vibrant personality with Masters in Business Administration. She comes with a precise understanding of customer expectation and the approach to address it.

Mr. Abilash

Aptitude Master Trainer

He has a burning passion towards numbers. He specialises in training young minds to play with numbers and has a flair for Analytical and quantitative problem solving skills.

Mr. Ravi Sasthiri

Technical Master Trainer

With a Master’s in Engineering and a passion towards educating others about the intricacies of their area of interest, Ravi shoulders various roles as an Assistant Professor, freelance course designer for overseas, and a travel adventurer.

Ms. Sowmiya Krishnakumar

Senior Trainer

An aspiring teacher passionate about spreading the ray of knowledge to the future generations and making an impact in their lives not only through teaching but also through art and theatre. She is a theatre artist blending art and education.

Ms. Inthu Natarajan

Motivational Trainer

You motivate or get motivated. A motivator by nature, She is a personality with the flair for people influencing and change inducing. She is a deep thinker and a self-help practitioner.

Ms. Shameeha Sheik

Senior Trainer

Theatre and art are a perfect stage for expression. With an unbridled passion towards English language and theatre art, Sameeha bridges both the medium to educate, entertain, and to elevate the personality and communication of young minds. She is a befitting teacher with a clear goal and direction, both personally and professionally.

Ms. Kirthiga Nagaraj

Course Design Architect

Mind is a vicious instrument, and only a well trained professional can orchestrate it with balance and beauty. Holding a Master’s in Psychology and an active member in many forums for human mental health, she is a key architect of our programs. She brings in a deeper understanding of the programs at HR Akademi and aligns it with our vision of Holistic Realisation of an Individual.

Ms. Essakkiammal Arumugam

Program Coordinator

Young and energetic, composed and organised, she co-ordinates the happenings at HR Akademi. Specialising into Commerce, she is strong in communicating and interacting with people of any hierarchy with poise and professionalism, and getting the job done on a timely schedule.

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